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St. Louis Instructional Camp

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

THursday, June 20, 2024

Check in

This camp will be for 2024-2030 athletes interested in kicking, punting and snapping.

Kickers 2 pm

Snappers 3:30 PM

Punters 3:30 PM

Camp Introduction

This will be for parents and athletes to hear how the day will be organized.  A discussion about the recruiting process and the landscape of college football with NIL and the transfer portal.  We will also open up for the opportunity to ask questions.

Charting and competition

We will start the session with Trackman charting and competition.  Trackman will record 2 angles for each kick as well as the data of launch angle, speed, rotation etc…


After the charts and competition will begin the instruction.  following this order allows you to now focus on adjusting where need be without interfering with the competition.  We will tailor to your specific style to maximize your strength and efficiency.  There will be instant video to view off the Trackman system for on-the-spot feedback.

Following Camp

We will send the video and data to you within 24 hours.

St. Louis Instructional Camp

Lutheran High School St. Charles

5100 Mexico Rd. saint charles, mo. 63376

Kicker or Punter or snapper session

$ 100 .00

kicker & punter session

$ 150 .00