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Recruiting Central

Local College camps

5.18.24Missouri University of Science and TechnologyProspect Camp 1 (specialists welcome)
5.18.24Arkansas Tech UniversityProspect Camp 2 (specialists welcome)
5.19.24Northwest Missouri State UniversityIndividual Camp (specialists welcome)
5.25.24Southwest Baptist UniversityProspect Camp 1 (specialists welcome)
5.30.24University of Arkansas Monticello1-Day Camp 1 (2025 & 2026 specialists welcome)
5.30.24University of Incarnate WordElite Prospect Camp 1 (specialists welcome)
5.30.24University of Central Florida Specialist Showcase
5.31.24Lindenwood University Mega Camp (ST. LOUIS, MO)specialist session
5.31.24University of MissouriSpecialist Camp
5.31.24Ouachita Baptist University (Arkadelphia, AR)Specialist Camp
6.2.24University of South FloridaHigh School Prospect Camp 1 & Post-Graduate Camp
6.2.24Texas Christian UniversitySpecialist Camp
6.2.24University of Central ArkansasAll Arkansas Camp (specialists welcome)
6.3.24University of Incarnate WordElite Prospect Camp 2 (specialists welcome)
6.4.24Oklahoma State UniversitySpecialist Camp
6.4.24University of Incarnate WordElite Prospect Camp 3 (specialists welcome)
6.5.24University of KansasElite Camp 1 (specialists welcome)
6.6.24University of South FloridaMega Camp 1 (specialist session)
6.6.24Missouri State UniversityHigh School Skills Camp 1 (specialists welcome)
6.6.24University of OklahomaHigh School Camp 1 (specialists welcome)
6.7.24Kansas State UniversitySpecialist Camp 1
6.7.24University of West FloridaSpecialist Camp
6.7.24University of TulsaCane Camp 1 (specialists welcome)
6.8.24Tarleton State University1-Day Camp 1 (specialists welcome)
6.8.24University of NebraskaSpecialist Camp
6.8.24University of OklahomaHigh School Camp 2 (specialists welcome)
6.8.24University of TexasSpecialist Camp
6.8.24East Texas Baptist University 1-Day Camp
6.8.24University of Texas El PasoSpecialist Camp
6.8.24Baylor UniversityHigh School Camp 1 (specialists welcome)
6.8.24Texas A&M University CommerceFootball Camp 1 (specialists welcome)
6.8.24William Jewell College Mega Camp (specialists welcome)
6.9.24University of ArkansasSpecialist Camp
6.9.24Texas A&M UniversitySpecialist Camp
6.9.24University of HoustonSpecialist Camp
6.9.24Miami (FL)Legends Camp (specialists welcome)
6.10.24University of Incarnate WordElite Prospect Camp 4 (specialists welcome)
6.12.24Iowa State UniversitySpecialist Camp
6.12.24University of KansasMega Camp (specialists welcome)
6.13.24University of Arkansas Monticello 1-Day Camp 3 (2025 & 2026 specialists welcome)
6.13.24University of OklahomaHigh School Camp 3 (specialists welcome)
6.13.24University of IowaSpecialist Camp
6.13.24Missouri Southern State University Prospect Camp 1 (specialists welcome)
6.14.24Southern Nazarene University Bethany, OKShowcase Camp 1 (specialists welcome)
6.14.24University of TulsaCane Camp 2 (specialists welcome)
6.14.24Florida Atlantic UniversitySpecialist Camp
6.15.24University of Arkansas Monticello1-Day Camp 4 (2025 & 2026 specialists welcome)
6.15.24University of North TexasSpecial Teams Matter Camp
6.15.24University of Central Oklahoma1-Day Camp 2 (specialists welcome)
6.15.24Arkansas State UniversitySpecialist Camp
6.15.24Missouri Southern State UniversityProspect Camp 2 (specialists welcome)
6.15.24Rice UniversitySpecialist Camp
6.15.24Baylor UniversityHigh School Camp 2 (specialists welcome)
6.15.24Southeast Missouri State UniversityIndividual Football Camp 1 (specialists welcome)
6.15.24Texas A&M University CommerceFootball Camp 2 (specialists welcome)
6.15.24Northwestern Oklahoma State UniversityHigh School Camp (specialists welcome)
6.17.24Florida State UniversitySpecialist Camp
6.17.24University of FloridaSpecialist Camp
6.18.24University of KansasElite Camp 2 (specialists welcome)
6.18.24University of OklahomaHigh School Camp 4 (specialists welcome)
6.20.24University of OklahomaHigh School Camp 5 (specialists welcome)
6.21.24University of Central Oklahoma1-Day Camp 3 (specialists welcome)
6.21.24University of Central MissouriIndividual Camp 1 (specialists welcome)
6.21.24University of TulsaCane Camp 3 (specialists welcome)
6.22.24University of Central Oklahoma1-Day Camp 4 (specialists welcome)
6.22.24University of Central MissouriIndividual Camp 2 (specialists welcome)
6.22.24Baylor UniversityHigh School Camp 3 (specialists welcome
6.23.24University of South FloridaHigh School Prospect Camp 2 (specialists welcome)
6.23.24Kansas State UniversitySpecialist Camp 2
6.23.24University of MiamiProspect Camp (specialists welcome)
6.24.24Missouri State UniversityHigh School Skills Camp 2 (specialists welcome)
7.9.24Southern Arkansas UniversityElite Prospect Camp 1 (specialists welcome)
7.11.24Missouri Southern State UniversityProspect Camp 3 (specialists welcome)
7.11.24Southern Arkansas UniversityElite Prospect Camp 2 (specialists welcome)
7.13.24Southeast Missouri State UniversityIndividual Football Camp 2 (specialists welcome)
7.19.24Tarleton State University1-Day Camp 3 (specialists welcome)
7.19.24University of Central Arkansas 1-Day Camp 1 (specialists welcome)
7.19.24Missouri University of Science and TechnologyProspect Camp 2 (specialists welcome)
7.19.24University of Incarnate WordElite Prospect Camp 5 (specialists welcome)
7.20.24University of Central Arkansas1-Day Camp 2 (specialists welcome)
7.21.24University of Arkansas Monticello1-Day Camp 5 (2025 & 2026 specialists welcome)
7.21.24University of Central Arkansas1-Day Camp 3 (specialists welcome)
7.25.24Texas State UniversitySpecialist Camp
7.25.24University of Tulsa 24K Gold Camp (specialists welcome)
7.26.24University of Texas San AntonioSpecialist Camp
7.27.24Baylor UniversityHigh School Camp 4 (specialists welcome)
*Snyder Kicking does not endorse or is in any way affiliated with any of the above camps.