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Tampa Youth and beginner instructional camp

Sunday, May 26, 2024

This camp will be for 5th grade athletes and up interested in kicking, punting and snapping.  This will be all instruction from how to warmup, develop a routine and tailored instruction for each athlete. we will also highlight soccer to football transition.

Check in

Kickers 9:45 am

Snappers 1 pm

Punters 1:45 pm

Camp Introduction

This will be for parents and athletes to hear how the day will be organized.  A discussion on what it takes to become a good specialist.   We will address the recruiting process and the landscape of college football with NIL and the transfer portal.  We will also open up for the opportunity to ask questions.


We will be going in depth in all areas.  We will begin with appropriate ways to warm up and stretch.  Followed by a routine warm up kicking or snapping the ball.  It is extremely important to establish a routine in how you warmup.  Becoming a talented specialist is about developing consistency through routine and repetition.  Then we will dig into specific techniques for each athlete.


We will be using trackman technology that allows us to use 2 angle video feedback with statistical data on the ball including launch angle, velocity and many other data points.

Following camp

We will send the video and data to you within 24 hours.

Tampa Youth and beginner instructional camp

G Sports 1540 LITTLE RD, Trinity, fl, 34655

Kicker or Punter or snapper session

$ 100 .00

kicker & punter session

$ 150 .00